Vote YES!

Did you get your ballot yet?   If so, make sure you take the time to vote YES!   

The LWSD has 1 bond and 2 levy measures on this ballot (front and back of the ballot).   We need everyone to take the time to vote and get it mailed in (or dropped off up at the Kingsgate Library ballot drop box) by February 13th. 

Even with the state now saying it will fund “basic education” through McCleary, there is so much that doesn’t cover.  The bond will help to build new school’s in the LWSD as we have grown from the 6th largest district to 3rd largest in just one year (adding 700 students a year).   The levy’s are replacement levy’s and the tax rate is actually decreasing from the old levy.   They will help to supplement our teacher’s salary’s (to make them competitive enough for teacher’s to stay with LWSD), support technology (not just computers for kids), special education program, security and safety, operations costs, other important programs (music, PE, safety net) and so much more.   Please vote Yes, Yes and Approved!