Halloween Parade and Party – October 31

Parents and family members who are visiting spectators will be staged in the gym. Please check in when arriving at the school.

Costumes are optional. Children who want to wear one will be given just a short amount of time to change into them. So, it is suggested that they either wear their costumes under their clothes or choose a costume that they can put on over their clothes.

Here are some rules about costumes:

• Students should come to school in regular school clothing.

• Children can put their costumes on right before the parade begins. (They need to be able to dress independently.)

• Violent costumes will not be allowed (no real or pretend weapons).

• Costumes must be appropriate for elementary school.

Alternative activities will be available in the library for those who choose to not participate in the parade or parties, please email the teacher if you would like your child to participate in the alternative activities.

Parade Time: 2:00pm to 2:20pm. Parties: 2:20pm to 3:45pm